Despite adversity and relativistic upheaval, Atomic Box has managed to complete yet another successful experiment, thanks in large part to a previously unknown cadre of supporters who believe in our mission of unity and cooperation through sonic destabilization. Our gig at Katsucon yielded spectacular results, which will be incorporated immediately into our ongoing research. Oh yes, be assured dear citizen that we are not resting on our laurels. Atomic Box will continue our fight to take back the future of humankind!

Friday the 13th was merely the starting point. Over the next few months, you will bear witness to some of the fruits of our labor. Your new future wil not come about through secret agendas and covert cybernetic monkeys. No, it will be forged through the might of our combined efforts, and our cybernetic monkeys will operate in plain sight. Keep your eyes open; Atomic Box rides again, and this time we are bringing you with us.



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