When the Atomic Resonance Commission recruited the Reverend Dr. Atomic and Special Agent Greene and told the two men to form Atomic Box, no one knew quite what to expect. Certainly, the ARC never foresaw Atomic and Greene using the band as a platform from which to launch an inter-departmental coup, an act that put the two mysterious musicians at the head of the largest secret scientific facility on this, or any other, planet. Now, under the auspices of Dr. Atomic and Special Agent Greene, Atomic Box continue to forward the ARC's weird agenda. Why they use so public a front as an industrial band is a puzzle that's left many a Nobel prize winner in a perplexed stupor.

Atomic Box formed on January 1, 2001. Dr. Atomic (vocals, programming) and Special Agent Greene (programming, keyboards) employ a bubbling concoction of Fifties-era, post-bomb paranoia; sci-fi imagery; and poli-socio futurism to throw wide the door on man's twisted relationship with both himself and The Truth. Apparently, they feel the path to transcendentalism treads through the dance floor, and as such, couch their revelations in industrial, punk rock, and heavy metal stylings. There is little doubt that the two men maintain a tenuous grip on sanity and reality, though this hasn't stopped them from releasing 2001's Planet X!, and writing a follow-up, slated for Spring 2005.

Soon after forming Atomic Box, Atomic and Greene were joined by guitarist and military hacker Johnny Flash, as well as the gyroscopic temptress known only as Cadmium Blue. No one knows where the band comes from. No one knows where they're going. No one knows how they'll get there. But when the unknown pops its cockpit and offers to take humanity for a ride, there's no one you'd rather have behind the wheel than the members of Atomic Box.

Atomic Box - When the moment of truth is just a moment too late.

*Rev. Dr. Atomic
*Sp. Agent Greene
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